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As a real estate professional it is important to have a go-to home stager and designer. Sarah has an amazing eye for detail and her staging for our client was impeccable. The listing photos were amazing and clearly showed the potential of each room featured in our listing. Highly recommended if you want it done right.


I’ve used Pomeroy House Interiors to stage vacant homes I have listed for sale. Sarah has an impeccable eye for detail and design. She has access to current and relevant furniture, accessories, and art. She has made my empty listings look inviting and desirable. I have also used Pomeroy House Interiors for staging consultations for listings that are occupied. Sarah has helped my sellers prepare and arrange their homes to show off their best features and make the homes look as roomy and tidy as possible. I highly recommend Pomeroy House Interiors!


Sarah staged our house to get it ready to sell. She took 2 hours to stage a 3400 square foot house. This included walking through, giving us her perspective and explaining how a buyer would see things. She gave us options to help us live in the house while while it was on the market. Her instructions were clear, diplomatic and constructive. She gave us all of her suggestions in writing, in the form of a check list, so we could complete the work ourselves. I was amazed at how she made the rooms look so much more inviting and open. We didn’t have to buy anything new, just move things around and “pre-pack” as she phrased it. I would highly recommend her.


This was the first time I worked with an interior designer and working with Sarah was a pleasure. She was very respectful of my budget and the scope of the project. I wasn’t in a position to make big purchases so she worked around the large pieces I already had. The end result is kind of astonishing given that none of my large furniture changed. We took a dark, heavy, masculine feeling room and lightened it up and made it lovely and feminine…As a person, I found Sarah to be nice and funny, and fun to be around…The total cost of this project came in at just over $1,000. So whether you have a small budget or a large budget, Sarah can make a huge impact in your home.


Now that we are empty nesters with a new house we thought a new style was in order. We contacted Sarah, of Pomeroy Interiors, and she helped us create a new look without taking us far out of our comfort zone. She first interviewed us to see what kind of people we were and then we went shopping. She steered us to places to shop and recommended things along the way, being flexible and patient when we changed our minds. She always gave us the last word on things but would let us know if something wouldn’t look right. She showed us how to use items that we already had in our home and make them look new by placing them in different areas. Our home now reflects us and it flows from room to room, all the while being comfortable and beautiful. Thank you Sarah for all your hard work.


I bought a new house and wanted it to not just be our old style in a larger space. Sarah came over before we moved and saw our existing space. She helped select paint colors for the new house and helped with the furniture and art placement after we moved in. It feels like I have all new art because its in all new places. I almost got rid of a painting that I was only lukewarm about and now adore it every time I see it. Everything feels put together without having to go buy a new matched set from the furniture store…Sarah was very helpful, flexible and affordable. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone.


The service was to set up my office. Sarah Waddell was very professional, yet very approachable and friendly. She listened to all my requests, and did the furniture placement, photo/art hanging, windows covering in almost one day. She brought and upholstered chairs, brought a beautiful lamp for the desk. My office looks very nice and inviting. With all this work, Sarah was very reasonable in her charges.

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